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Content Marketing

Content Management

content marketing professionalsContent management for business covers quite a bit of territory. We provide new and fresh material that’s engaging, industry specific, carefully worded to make sure your social media, blogs, and releases are capturing highly converted key words. Everything we do is SEO friendly with an aim of creating an organic voice and active leads through customer loyalty.

We work with many different industries including: hotels, car dealerships, restaurants, technicians, plumbers, auto body repair, property management, private practices and so many others.

With our expert advice we can help you build an editorial calendar, give you feedback on your current social media efforts, drive more traffic to your social media channels and help propel your company to the forefront of current trends and standards.

What do we cover? We can handle nearly all the major social media channels; such as, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Blogger, Youtube, BusinessTube, WordPress accounts, public releases and much more.

Our plans are super competitive and perhaps the most affordable you’ll find and with our service you’ll receive experience that matches your needs so you can focus on the bigger picture.

Growth & Optimization

business growthOur 2nd stage of content management services includes Growth & Optimization. We focus on capturing new fans and leads for your business through low cost, highly targeted, social media ad campaigns and display advertising.

We use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to strategically publicize your events, contests, landing pages, new products, deals, and cross promotions with tactics that don’t feel overly aggressive but also lead to more likes, shares and channel activity.

One of the first things we do is look at optimizing your channels more effectively. This can be organizing content, adding permissions, tabs, videos, contact information, hashtags, improving call to action and resolving other channel weaknesses as necessary.

Once we’re done with the basics we’ll help you decide which content to boost, structure campaigns around your goals, A/B test your ads to reach the best returns, find your brand ambassadors and help you build your network and audience exponentially. Our Growth & Optimization plan is more expensive but we believe you’ll find it worth every penny.

Email Campaigns

email advertisingWhile not the newest kid on the block email marketing is still a huge resource for business. Companies can keep in touch with their leads and returning customers on a more personal level. The best part is you can tailor you message to fit whatever stage they are on the life cycle.

Mobile technology as well as smart design have helped increase open rates over the past 5 years. Email is also a good way to add value to your company by promoting blogs, company newsletters, industry news, and events.

Let us help you craft those killer email campaigns that grab your customers attention and keep them engaged. We can help you automate the process so you save time and money without sacrificing quality.

content marketing growth solutions

We can manage your website, social media, blogs, vlogs and public releases. Take a look at our content management plans.

Web Marketing and Services

Interested in building a website that’s future proof, responsive, and easy to maintain. We can help you.

Web Development

Wordpress (CMS) Customization

wordpress logoDo you need a website or are you looking to redesign your old outdated one? Choose WordPress! Most people heard of it and those who haven’t most likely visited a WordPress site unknowingly. It’s the world’s most popular CMS. That’s short for Content Management System. A recent census quotes that as many as 20 to 25% of today’s websites were built using this open source platform.

Originally designed for blogging WordPress has evolved into a very robust, easy to manage, highly customizable tool that can host almost any kind of website you can imagine.

Although WordPress is a very user friendly it’s likely you’ll need an experienced team to help get you started. Adding complex functionality such as: drop down menus, sliders, forms, blogs, banners, galleries, links, and dynamic content can sometimes be a bit challenging. This can be painfully true for those using templates with no coding experience or any kind of documentation.

Let IDM help you every step of the way from design to finish. We’ll make sure your website performs with SEO friendly content and help you choose a layout that focuses on your user’s experience.

Web Hosting Services

hosting serviceWe do not offer hosting services to the public but if we build and maintain your website we can offer you a low cost solution that provides us the added flexibility of accessing your website, pointing servers, installing CMS, Google Analytics, email accounts, and other 3rd party applications with a faster turnaround.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of:

  •   Unmetered disk space & bandwidth
  •   A modern cPanel that’s sleek and easy to use
  •   Unlimited email addresses
  •   Technical Support and uninterrupted service that keeps your business   operating smoothly

Plans start at just $60/yr for solopreneurs and small business. $125/yr for enterprise.

Website Support & Maintenance

web support and maintenanceMany agencies build a website and leave you hanging. You may be asking yourself once it’s published how do I find the time to balance running my website and running my business. We hear this all the time. Keeping your website current is critical to search engine rankings, usability, and user experience.

Some companies hire freelancers to maintain their sites then later regret it. Others hire full or part-time employees then find out they don’t have enough work to support the position.

If you need help with those things that you just don’t have time to figure out on your own we’re more than happy to provide ongoing support. This may include things such as: posting new web banners and images, creating a new form, landing page, making sure your content aligns with the best SEO practices, re-designing page functionality, monitoring site traffic, page rank and more.

Video Services

Film Planning and Production

camera lensThere’s a lot more that goes on in film production than meets the eye. A lot of people don’t even know where to start; of course you need a camera, some lights, audio recorders, lenses, talent and the right equipment to get the job done but before all that you need a game plan. A disorganized shoot can cost you dearly. That’s where IDM steps in. We have a studio, access to equipment, and a very talented group of professionals.

IDM has completed everything from spot commercials, to sizzle reels, promotional videos, music videos, shorts, features, interviews, live event coverage and more. We can help you navigate through the hurdles of  a shoot from beginning to end.

This includes things like putting together a budget, obtaining the correct permits, releases, handling union rules and regulations, planning the days in days out, finding the best locations, talent, organizing schedules and making sure everything lands right on queue.

Our goal is to create an engaging and unique video that wows your clients and gives your business an edge against the competition. Sure you’re competitors probably have pretty nice videos too. Good camera’s and clean picture is very affordable now at days but with our creative expertise and experience we guarantee you’ll walk away with a video that you feel confident to stand behind.

Video Editing, Color Grading & Correction

editing suiteAfter the shoot wraps is where the real fun begins. This is the stage where you can really get creative and see the results of your project come together. Finding a good editor is worth its weight in gold. Aside from the director, editors are the ones that can help you add that final touch of finesse that makes your 5K production look like a six figure one.

What video editors do depends on the scope of the project but generally most experienced editors can edit, color grade, color correct, add vfx, motion graphics, sync audio, titles, captions, lower-thirds and add that bit of punch your project needs to take it to the next level.

Many companies sacrifice quality over quantity but this is a misstep. Sure you probably don’t need a very stylized video. After all most businesses are more conservative than the entertainment industry; however, having a highly polished video makes a statement. Not only does it make a statement but it produces better results, commands a bigger audience, and will give you more return on your investment.

At IDM we can edit videos that will impact your bottom line for months not weeks or days. Our goal is to help you define your brand, strengthen your message, and make your business look professional.

Professional Photographic Services

portrait photography

Not interested in video? We also provide photographic services  for events, products, real estate properties, schools, associations, talent, production stills, portraits and just about anything else you need a high quality image for.


Our photographic services also include:

  • Professional Photo Sessions
  • Photo Restoration
  • Image Clean Up and Manipulation
  • Print Ready Images
  • Precision Color Care and Expert Lighting Techniques

At IDM we know how to capture those perfect moments in any environment.

Video and Photographic Marketing Solutions

Video is easily becoming the most effective and engaging way to market via the internet. Our highly trained and experienced staff can help you budget, shoot, and finish your project with confidence.

designer working

We have creative design solutions for all your business needs whether it’s a logo, product package, web banner, advertisement, business card or brand development our print and design services will help you reach your target market.

Design Services

Brand Development

Print & Design Marketing SolutionsBranding is where it all begins. If you’re a startup some of the first business decisions you make will involve brand identity. Your companies name, colors, font-type, culture, products, mission, demographics and even location will influence how you represent your brand!

We help businesses create more than just eye catching images. We help you develop your brand strategy. Branding is a multitude of things. It’s reputation, exposure, presentation, marketing, psychology and so much more.

How you present and market your brand to the public will play a big part in your ventures overall success. At IDM we understand how important it is to deliver a strong message; whether it’s through visuals or copy.

If you want a team that can present your company and it’s products in the most effective and consistent manner choose IDM.

Package Design

package design

A product’s package is it’s most valuable advertisement. At IDM, our goal is to help great products speak clearly and effectively to consumers in a variety of retail settings. Creative dielines coupled with smart copy and compelling imagery make packaged goods shine.

Every unique product deserves, and needs, unique packaging. Each aspect of your design, from a particular shade of orange to the curl of a “g” to its shape and material, is meticulously tailored to the specific nature and message of your product. Whether head-phones or coconut water, a dog toy or diamond-infused face cream, our custom packaging promises your brand will stand out on the shelf and create genuine consumer connections.

From innovative design to packaging with IDM you’re in good hands.

Print & Web

print and web designWe offer design solutions for print and web. Our staff employs expert designers that can work with just about any medium. Page layout, vectors, web content, large format print, car wraps, embroidered or screen printed clothes, direct mail, infographics, promotions, letterhead… you name it!

Our estimates vary by project and complexity. We give you the same value offered by larger agencies at more competitive rates. Also, at IDM, consultation is always FREE! So what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

What To Expect.


The first step. We get to know your company through your products and services. We can phone chat, skype or meet in person. Our goal in this phase is to find the best marketing solution for your business needs and deliver a plan of action.


We design a customized plan for your project. This may include concept design, mockups, wire frames, a story line/theme (video) or social media campaign. You can also choose from any of our predesignated plans.


Once you approve the mockups we'll get to work. Our focus is on your satisfaction. This includes ensuring any final changes are addressed and handing over deliverables in your format of preference.


After your project is complete we'll provide you with ongoing support. We offer additional services like web maintenance, design, hosting and content marketing plans that keep your business ahead of the curve.

Smarter. Faster. Digital Marketing.