About Us.

We Help Businesses Grow!

We’re experts in the marketing field with proven experience and leadership. Our goal is to help businesses connect with their communities and find creative ways to introduce their products and services to the public while remaining organic and creating a strong message.

With the rapid pace of technology, mobile phones, social media, and advertising we understand the need to stay competitive. In today’s environment there’s an excess of advertising. Attention spans are low and new brands are often met with some amount of skepticism.

At IDM we work hard to break down those barriers. We don’t just help companies build a brand. We help you create a voice.

W orld class service. IDM originally started as a film production company, in 2011, called IndieMan Productions.

IndieMan projects we’re strictly film related but bridged the gap between both business and entertainment. We’ve worked on infomercials, commercials, industrials, events, interviews, short-films, and more.

Some of our clients, over the years, have asked us to do design and web projects because of our attention to detail, eye for design and ability to think creative and outside the box. In 2013, with equal demand in both video and marketing projects alike we decided to re-brand as IDM Digital; also known as IDemand Marketing, a full-service digital marketing agency.

We’re very proud to say over the course of 4 years we’ve grown tremendously and now work with many companies from different industries nationwide.